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Ideal for Small Businesses, E-Commerce Companies, Coaches & Creators

Top Talent

Candidates are picked to join our growing team of elite growth marketing virtual assistants. With only a few applicants making the cut, you can be sure you're getting top talent

Hire Faster

Our proven process ensures you'll have a fully vetted and trained growth marketing virtual assistant ready to hit the ground running in just 5 days

Cost Effective

Unlock unbeatable savings with Rekruuto's growth marketing virtual assistant service. Enjoy access to top 1% talent at a fraction of the cost of US/Western Europe salaries, with savings of up to 70-80%

No Long term Contracts

At Rekruuto, our approach to billing and service is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. We bill weekly on Mondays, ensuring a straightforward and predictable process. While we don't have any setup fees or binding contracts, we do ask for a 1-week notice if you decide to cancel. This way, we can ensure a smooth transition for both parties. Our goal is to keep things as hassle-free as possible, supporting you every step of the way.

Work With The Same Person

At Rekruuto, we value consistency and personal connection. When you partner with us, you'll work with your selected Virtual Assistant (VA) every day. This fosters a deep understanding of your business needs and preferences, and builds a strong, collaborative relationship between you and your VA. It's like having a dedicated team member who's always on the same page as you, ready to hit the ground running. Experience the difference with Rekruuto.

Trained & Vetted Professionals

At Rekruuto, we offer expertise through our highly trained Virtual Assistants with relevant experience from the US and European markets. This ensures knowledgeable and efficient support tailored to your business needs. With Rekruuto, you're gaining a partner familiar with the landscape, ready to contribute to your success.


Our Proven Process​

After working with virtual assistants for years, our founders have crafted a process that works!

Growth assistant

Virtual Assistants For Your Business

Reduce stress, reclaim your time, and maximize your business potential
General Virtual assistant

General VA

These Virtual Assistants offer comprehensive support by managing emails, schedules, data entry, and various administrative tasks.

Hire marketing Virtual assistant

Marketing Assistant

These Virtual Assistants aid in creating and executing marketing campaigns and managing content across channels.

Email Marketing Virtual Assistant

Email Marketing VA

These virtual assistants support in creating, executing, and analyzing email automation and campaigns to engage and convert customers for a business.

Lead Generation Virtual Assistant

Lead Generation VA

These virtual assistants can assist in sales related tasks such as lead generation, email scraping, cold emailing, sales research, and appointment scheduling.

List Building VA

List Building VA

These Virtual Assistants are skilled in creating targeted lists for marketing and sales efforts, ensuring a well-segmented and refined database.

Shopify Virtual Assistant

Shopify Assistant

These virtual assistants help with tasks such as Amazon or Shopify store management, product listings, customer support, inventory, etc.

Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

Graphic Design Assistant

These virtual assistants can assist with graphic design, infographics, video thumbnails, blog images, and can help create social media content from existing articles

Video Editor Virtual Assistant

Video Editor Assistant

These virtual assistants help with creating, editing, and promoting video content.

Accounting and bookkeeping VA

Accounting & Bookkeeping VA

These Virtual Assistants manage financial records, including transactions, bookkeeping, and report preparations.

Customer Success Virtual Assistant

Customer Support VA

These virtual assistants provide proactive support or onboard customers to ensure customer success and satisfaction.

Data Analytics Virtual Assistant

Data Analyst

These virtual assistants support collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data sets to drive informed business decisions and improve organizational performance.

Hire Amazon Seller VA

Amazon Seller VA

These Virtual Assistants handle a variety of tasks for your Amazon business, including product research, listings optimization, customer support, ad campaign management, order processing, and translations.

Sales Development Rep (SDR)

Sales Development Representative

These virtual assistants help with your contact management, lead generation, cold email, and appointment booking.

SEO Virtual Assistant

SEO Assistant

These virtual assistants specialize in supporting and optimizing websites for search engines to improve their visibility and ranking in search results.

Paid Ads Virtual Assistant

PPC/Paid Ads VA

These virtual assistants support paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads and Instagram Ads.

Social Media VA

Social Media VA

These Virtual Assistants craft and execute social media strategies to enhance engagement and grow the brand's online presence.

Unleash Your Team's Potential With Our Virtual Assistants

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Affordable Pricing And Great Value


Starts at
$ 8 Per Hour
  • Trained Professional with at least 2 Years of Experience
  • Previous US or European Work Experience
  • Billed Weekly/Monthly
  • Proven Onboarding Process
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • No Lock-in Contracts
  • No Setup Fees
  • Cancel with 1-week notice
  • Access to Time Tracking & Monitoring
  • Choice of Candidates Before You Select Your VA
  • Work With the Same Person Every Day
  • Dedicated Slack Group for Daily Check-ins


Starts at
$ 10 Per Hour
  • Trained Specialist with 3-7 Years Relevant Experience
  • Previous US or European Work Experience
  • Billed Weekly/Monthly
  • Proven Onboarding Process
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • No Lock-in Contracts
  • No Setup Fees
  • Cancel with 1-week notice
  • Access to Time Tracking & Monitoring
  • Choice of Candidates Before You Select Your VA
  • Work With the Same Person Every Day
  • Dedicated Slack Group for Daily Check-ins

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100% Replacement Guarantee

We understand that despite our thorough training and selection process, things may not always work out with your virtual assistant. However, we are committed to your satisfaction and will work with you to find a replacement that meets your expectations if needed.

Our Founders

Rekruuto’s founders have scaled up multiple businesses in the past decade and can help you as you scale yours now
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Sid Jashnani is a serial entrepreneur and owns 15 businesses worldwide actively managed by operating partners. He is also a Certified EOS Implementer® based in London, so he knows a bit about how to systemize businesses and delegate effectively.

Rekruuto founder
Vanishtha Jashnani has been a teacher, artist, photographer, and graphic designer for 16 years. She has had the opportunity to hire and mentor many people throughout her career.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Common questions answered
Our growth virtual assistants are from the Philippines. The Philippines is known for having a strong work ethic and a large pool of highly-skilled and educated workers.
Rekruuto’s growth marketing virtual assistants are college educated, and some hold specialist certifications. They are fluent in English and undergo skills and communication assessments during their interview process.
All of our virtual assistants work in your preferred time zone. They will be 100% dedicated to you and fully embedded in your team and work culture.
We use a proprietary screening and recruitment method that our founders have honed over the years.
Every virtual assistant is sourced as per your needs and requirements. Once onboarded, your virtual assistant will be ready to assist your business immediately. Our virtual assistants can handle multiple tasks, but the goal is to utilize them as support so that your team can focus on critical, strategic tasks with more capacity.

Ensuring the confidentiality and security of our clients’ data is paramount at Rekruuto. We understand the importance of safeguarding your information and have implemented stringent measures to protect it. Here’s how we address data security and privacy concerns:

Legal and Background Checks: Every Virtual Assistant (VA) at Rekruuto is rigorously vetted and bound by the Data Privacy Act of 2012 in the Philippines, ensuring a strong legal framework for data protection. Additionally, we mandate that each VA undergoes an NBI clearance, the Philippine equivalent of an FBI background check, to further ensure the integrity and reliability of our team.

Access Control: We recommend two primary methods for granting your VA access to your tools and software:

Direct Access: Provide your VA with a username and password, ensuring they have limited and tailored access to your software tools based on their role and responsibilities.

Remote Desktop: Set up a dedicated computer in your office equipped with the necessary software and grant your VA access via remote desktop software. This method offers an added layer of control and security.

Advanced Security Measures:

Microsoft Cloud PC: For enhanced security, we recommend using a Microsoft Cloud PC, which provides a secure, remote desktop experience from anywhere.

Managed Chrome Browser: Directing your VA to work within a managed Chrome Browser can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches by controlling extensions, plugins, and site access.

Mobile Device Management (MDM): For tasks that require mobile access, having an MDM solution in place ensures that mobile devices adhere to your company’s security policies.

Password Management Tools: Sharing passwords through secure tools like LastPass minimizes risks associated with password handling and ensures that sensitive login information is encrypted and accessible only to authorized users.

International Legal Protection: In the unlikely event of a deliberate data breach by a VA located in the Philippines, the Data Privacy Act of 2012 provides a legal recourse. This act holds individuals accountable for their actions, offering protection and peace of mind to our clients in the United States and beyond. At Rekruuto, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your information remains secure, allowing you to focus on growing your business with confidence.


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