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Forget The Stress in Hiring, Meet Your Next Virtual Assistant in Just 7 Days!

Unlock a seamless extension of your team. Vetted, trained, and ready to work in your time zone!

Hire Your perfect Virtual Assistant

Unlock a seamless extension of your team. Vetted, trained, and ready to work in your time zone!

Rekruuto: Expert Talent, Affordable Rates, Anytime Availability

Vetted & Trained

Top-Tier Talent, Rigorously Vetted and Trained

When it comes to sourcing virtual assistants, we need to do more than skim the surface. Candidates undergo a stringent 3-step selection process, including skills assessment, background checks, and in-depth interviews. The result? A Virtual Assistant who’s not just a resume but a highly capable extension of your team.

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Hire Your Ideal Virtual Assistant

Affordable Rates

Unbeatable Value Starting at Just $8/hour

Let’s talk numbers. Exceptional talent usually comes at a premium, but not here. With Rekruuto, you’re getting highly skilled virtual assistants starting at an unbeatable $8 an hour. No hidden costs, no extra fees, just straightforward, affordable rates designed for businesses that want to scale without breaking the bank.

Flexible Timing

Your Time Zone is Our Time Zone

Global business doesn’t wait, and neither should you. That’s why our virtual assistants are trained to adapt to your preferred working hours, regardless of time zones. Whether you’re burning the midnight oil or catching the early worm, rest assured, your Rekruuto Virtual Assistant is in sync with you.

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Language Proficiency

Flawless English, Flawless Execution

All our virtual assistants speak and write English fluently. They have prior experience working with US clients so they are aware of the culture and aligned with the expectations.

No Strings Attached

Commitment-Free Flexibility with a 1-Week Trial

We get it—hiring is a big decision. That’s why we offer a no-strings-attached, month-to-month agreement that keeps your options open.

Want to test the waters first? Take advantage of our 1-week trial for selected companies and experience firsthand how a Rekruuto Virtual Assistant can help your marketing.

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